Without you

without you
No issues, No issues

Listen to the heart that beats like drum that cries for you,

Tick, tick the time is just running off i am waiting for you,

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Love somebody

love somebody
Take care of yourself to care for somebody

Strangers, strangers all around be careful, they might hurt you.

Better pick yourself up before the strangers get you.

Let the cold heart melt, it will love somebody.

Reach for the light breaking through the darkness.

Dance to let the heart get somebody to dance.

Put the demon to sleep deep inside by singing lullaby.

Laugh to let the mind go off the worries.

To love somebody you’ll have to love yourself first.

Love somebody who doesn’t love somebody

That Somebody


That somebody
who needs that somebody?

Do you need that somebody ?

do you need somebody to understand you ?

no i don’t need that somebody i can cry laughing whipping my own tears i good great to be one and to be myself alone

as when somebody tries to understand you and you fail them its a pain to have and live with one

do you prefer to love someone to fail them

but the heart needs that somebody to express but not the mind