The Fire said

The fire said
‘I am the fire Said the fire’

1)My flames look beautiful dancing in the dark – As i was looking at the fire burning in a vessel i saw its flames look beautiful like they were dancing among themselves in the dark

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1.The world gonna watch the clock ticking night and day

(clock- clock (life) is partly or most of it is filled with mistakes and regrets, there is no going back  mistakes are mistakes, wrong is wrong but you must be always  forward only if  you want to make things better and one thing try to be good to whats coming) 

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“This feeling..”

"It's OK we all are broken lovers"
“It’s OK we all are broken lovers”

we can love that somebody who loves somebody and that somebody doesn’t love that somebody isn’t the life funny after all ha, ha, ha, ha,

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All it needs

all it needs
Time to reset the life i belong

Things have change lately, just don’t wanna go back to the same place i once belonged,

Don’t wanna go to the place i ain’t comfortable, don’t wanna go back loving the person i once loved let that person come in searching for the miracle,

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In my feelings

To the ghost lover
To the ghost lover

I don’t know what to say, don’t know what to write i know something isn’t right, its been years, its been months, its been weeks, its been days, its been nights, that i have seen passing by,

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O love

o love.PNG

                                          Struggles bring meaning to life 

Days will be hard, days will be sour, just don’t stop thinking why, why me, my friend everybody have their own struggles, he/she may be rich/poor everybody have their own story to tell, Continue reading “O love”


Getting dunked, doped nor stoned doesn’t have answers to everything


                     we get drunk to understand the life but that’s a mistake.

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